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Current yoga Schedule

at Balance Yoga Center - Redding, CA

Tuesdays 4:00 pm -

Warm Function and Flow (Level-2/3)

Warm Function & Flow is a strengthening, flow yoga class with the addition of full body, "safe and smart movement patterns" of functional movement. This practice emphasizes building the stability muscles for maintaining healthy joints and tissues. This helps to prevent injuries making it a beneficial yoga practice on its own, or a great compliment all other movement and athletic practices. Since movement and mind are intrinsically linked, there is a strong brain/mind-body component here that builds new pathways of moving/thinking to enhance brain function and awareness. This class is fun and will keep you feeling youthful! We practice inversions each week and balance the active class with a full savasana rest to finish.

5:30 pm

Mindful Flow (Level 1-3)

Mindful Flow is a flow yoga class with the addition of some functional movements for building stability and maintaining healthy joints and tissues. Mindfulness is a practice of being present without judgement. Focusing on your breath is common mindfulness technique we practice. Since movement and mind are intrinsically linked, practicing mindfulness while moving in new ways enhances brain function and awareness. This is a good class for people who want to build a solid fundamental yoga practice, build body awareness and learn about the different aspects of yoga.



8:30 am - Hot Yoga for Strength & Agility
(Level 2)

This class is taught in a 95-100 degree room. This class is helpful for yoga students and athletes alike who want to build strength, endurance and practice moving efficiently. We begin with core work and go between movement and longer held poses. The infrared heat and movement work together to unwind tension and increase your range of motion safely, while building the stability for the joints. This combination lowers risk of injury in general. There is an emphasis on body awareness and mind/body connection. You will sweat! Hand/face towels provided.


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