Although Candace is a professional chef, it's her study of the body/mind connection, healthy food and inutitive ability that makes her a valuable resource on your healing journey. 

Candace's strengths come by way of unravelling core beliefs of her clients that are working against them; beliefs that can be a big part of developing dis-ease in the body, healing, and recovery. Through Restorative yoga, Yin yoga, meditation, breath, Reiki healing, essential oils, sound and toning, journaling and oracle card reading Candace helps her clients to gain a better undrestanding of themselves through developing a deeper intuitive connection.

She aims to address where victim mentality shows up; which limits peace, love, clarity, confidence, courage and joy in your life's experience. She is also a great resource for finding which modality, outside of her scope, could bring clients out of stress or pain and into the best version of themselves.

She has connected clients to modalities such as:

Youngevity Suppliments

Therapeutic Massage

Accupunture/Chinese medicine

MyoFacial Release

Muscle Testing

Somatic body work for trauma release

Past life regression

Sound Washing/Toning

Crystal Therapy

Shamballa Energy Healing

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