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"Helping you create healthy habits through movement, curiosity and self-awareness"


      My teaching has changed over the past year of my studies. Through what one of my teachers Lara Heimann (Physical Therapist/Yogi) refers to as "smart movement patterns" we can address the most common imbalances in the Western body due to poor posture, sitting (desk) and/or standing all day (certain jobs). Since learning about this I now teach bio-mechanical/anaotomy based "functional movement," to bring balanced flexibility, strength, and often over looked in traditional yoga postures, joint stability. Through teaching yoga in this way, students greatly reduce risk of injury, get a great work out, leave feeling lighter and more focused. For me, this informed way of practicing has helped heal injuries and changed the way I move on, and off the mat. 

      The more I study all things yoga, the more I understand that there is no perfect and precise way to "do yoga" in general, or the individual poses. There are some very effective methods and practices that address tension in the body, relax the mind and even allow space for spiritual experience to arise. There are also types of 'yoga' that aid one to lead a more fulfilled life such as Bhakti yoga (devotion) or Jnana Yoga (knowledge). To me, these are all aspects of yoga that cannot be left out.

      I hold great reverence for yoga tradition and teacher to student discipleship without having 1 specific Guru or teacher. I hold neurology, psychology and scientific study as the understanding of what ancient mindfulness traditions have been practicing for thousands of years. My personal areas of study consist of science, spirituality, healthy living, mental health, mindfulness and meditation, as well as theology and scriptural study. I tend to bring in themes that bind these ideas together, are relevant to our modern experience and house it within the context of what we call 'yoga.'

      The purpose of a yoga practice, for me, is to access our best selves through our own body, "our greatest gift." My intention is to offer a safe and effective practice that bridges the gap between modern understanding and traditional yoga practices; helping you create healthy habits through curiosity and self-awareness. There is much purpose to the way teach, which I am refining daily. This is a life long practice, and I am a lifelong student. Namaste


"The supreme Self, adored in the scriptures,

can be realized through the path of Yoga" -Atma Upanishad

Goals for students:

  • Discover yoga as a scientific method for well-being, that works for anyone who makes time for practice.

  • Experience how yoga helps the healing process, including any level of trauma and/or unhealthy habits.

  • Develop the quality of observing/increasing our awareness.

  • Find both inner and outer stability and balance.

  • Learn about fascia/connective tissue and it's importance through movement.

  • Tap into, and listen to our own innate inner guidance systems, including our hearts.

  • Develop an understanding of yourself through direct experience.

  • Experience glimpses of true happiness and be able to share them.

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