I have been learning from more bio-mechanically based, Physical Therapist/Yoga teacher Lara Heimann. Since diving into her method my body has never felt better. I feel more balanced in both strength and flexibility, from left to right and have healed injuries that were bothering me for quite a while.

I feel as though after 8 years of teaching, that i am finally coming into what feels like my authentic yoga offering. bringing the best of both functional movement and the magic of the natural insight that yoga brings about through inquiry and awareness. 



I Am currently making my way through an On-line RASA YOGA teacher training with Sianna Sherman. She is an amazingly insightful, Tantra based teacher who encourages a strong physical practice; both the "FIRE", balanced with the "NECTAR", more cooling practices.

Tantra teachings incorporate intention, mantra, mudra, meditation and aspects of "the goddess" as part of the yoga practice. these teachings are very helpful to me, and anyone who wants to dive deeper into the exploration of life, faith, love and learning from every encounter we have. 

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