*Organic Ingredients:*shea butter, *cocoa butter, *avocado oil, *hemp seed oil, *unrefined local beeswax, *arrowroot powder, aluminum free baking soda, probiotics (inulin from chicory root) *vitamin E, *essential oils: grapefruit, ylang ylang, lavender.

Lasts about 3 months with daily use. 


Large Probiotic Deodorant

  • Lasts about 3 months with daily use. 



    I recommend barely rolling the deodorant past the rim of the container. You will be surprised at how little you need to use. For best results with sheer and white shirts, rub in with fingers. 


    Frustrated with other brands, I started playing around with recipe ideas about 3 years ago. I found this mixture of oils, essential oils and probiotics to be the winning combination for me and 99% of the people who try it! I am committed to pure ingredients that help facilitate the body's natural detox sysytem, the lymph system! Which is also part of our immune system. Our first line of defense is healthy skin! Our skin is alive with healthy bacteria that we tend to strip away with harsh and antibacterial soaps. Here is your opportunity to nourish your skin, support the lymph and the immune system!

  • I think you will love it, and If you don't! Well that's fine too! Please contact me, Candace with any concerns. 

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